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Model: GT-CR2
Manufacturer: G-TEK
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Brand: G-TEK

Model: GT-CR2

Capacity: 250 racks/hour

Power: 56KW 415V/3/PE/50Hz



1.       Easy operational control panel

2.       Auto & manual operation selection

3.       Auto water filling process

4.       Rack activation washing and rinsing

5.       Faster & better washing for single tank conveyor with 200 racks/hour

6.       Easy reading of wash & rinse temperature

7.       Saving labor times & money


1.       Easy removal of wash arm for cleaning

2.       Easy removal curtains for cleaning

3.       Easy removal of standpipe, filters for cleaning

4.       Easy excess of control panel for maintenance and repair

Standard Features:

1.       Solid & durable design with 1.5mm Stainless Steel grade 304

2.       Emergency button

3.       Imported German pump & motor

4.       Stainless steel wash Impeller

5.       Stainless steel wash arm and rinse arm

6.       Build in limit switch protection for conveyor motor

7.       Build in injection point for detergent and rinse additive

8.       Concaved wash nozzles to prevent clog

9.       Safety door to prevent water splashing out

10.   Wash & rinse temperature gauges

11.   Wash heater 7.5KWx2 & Boiler Heater 18KWx2 for NSF requirement

12.   1 plate and 1 flat racks

Compliance to:

1.       HACCP

2.       NSF

3.       DIN 10510

4.       CE


1.       25% to 40% cheaper compare with European products for same category

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